Agrivoltaic is a new approach that allows the land to be used for both agriculture and electricity production at the same time.

It provides energy efficiency and, at the same time, benefits for agricultural yields, thanks to the specific shading generated by the photovoltaic modules, which reduce thermal stress on crops and allow for greater utilisation of resources.

The benefits for the agricultural sector from the application of this technology are multiple:

  • Diversification of income sources in the sector
  • More and better land use
  • Creating added value to rural areas

The photovoltaic modules can be double-sided (east and west orientation) and with a 90° vertical inclination or with a mobile solar tracking system. Thanks to the structure and positioning of the panels, it is possible to allow the transit of work vehicles (e.g. tractors) and graze animals. Agrivoltaic is the optimal solution to reconcile agriculture, energy production and environmental sustainability. Relying on an industry professional such as Righi Energy is the optimal choice for efficient and safe yield. From the choice of photovoltaic panels to installation and maintenance, Righi Energy is an experienced and reliable partner for your agrivoltaic.

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