Thanks to its strong experience in the world of renewable energy and installation of integrated technological systems, Righi Energy offers its E-Mobility service, proposing the best solutions for the self-generation of energy and recharging for any type of business.

By choosing Righi Energy, the customer will have a reference to rely on for energy analysis, PTV plant, infrastructure, electricity column installation and after-sales maintenance services.

Suggested services

Energy analysis

Technical experts will research the most efficient solution to optimise, produce and distribute electricity and recharge electric vehicles. Righi Energy staff will examine the area of interest and assess the operations required to install your infrastructure and define the business plan.

Photovoltaic system installation

The team will consider the possibility of self-producing energy. It will assist you with project design, paperwork, installation and whatever is necessary to make the system functional and efficient.

Installation Infrastructure, MV/LV electrical cabin or adaptation of existing cabin

Righi Energy has standardised turnkey solutions in metal, concrete or Schelter execution. They will take care of the construction and electrical work and whatever is necessary for a turnkey service.

Electrical installations

Righi Energy will handle the connection of the various installations, the laying of equipment, electrical cables, construction work and testing.

Smart Service and Smart Grid SW installation

Thanks to Smart Grid, it will be possible to intelligently manage and rationalise the self-production, distribution and use of electricity. Smart Grid is software equipped with an intelligent management and communication system that can handle situations in which distribution networks are subject to energy flow reversals. Where, as renewables are not programmable, distributed generation requires greater intelligence in the optimal management of the overall electricity system, so that it can locally manage energy surpluses by redistributing them to contiguous areas where deficits may occur or by managing appropriate storage systems or the loads themselves, dynamically and in real time.

Supply and installation of charging stations

Righi Energy will research and purchase for you the best products on the market, in terms of quality and technology. Relying exclusively on the best suppliers to offer you competitive and quality solutions. All installations are in compliance with IEC 64-8 section 722. After proposing the most suitable electric charging solution for your business, it will take care of the infrastructure, the installation of the columns, the construction work and whatever is necessary to make them functional.

Maintenance of charging stations

From the control room, Righi Energy technicians will be interconnected to the charging station and will organise maintenance, carry out real-time monitoring and ensure the correct functioning of the equipment by ensuring continuity of operation.

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