Righi Energy has been building energy production plants from renewable sources, photovoltaic, hydroelectric, wind and biomass for over 15 years.

With experience and expertise it assists its customers in studying the feasibility and sustainability of proposed technologies, directing investments towards the best technical and economic solution.

Energy produced from renewable sources is intermittent, discontinuous and subject to the cycles and rules of nature. Conserving energy becomes key to a sustainable present. For this purpose, Righi Energy offers a range of electrical storage solutions, integrating batteries of different technologies and sizes.

Optimising flows means making savings by modifying processes to reduce waste and using technologies that transform energy as efficiently as possible.

Righi Energy’s solutions used in the field of energy efficiency and consumption control make it possible to optimise energy flows by acting on:

consumi termici

Thermal consumption

  • Redesigning air conditioning systems
  • Automation of air conditioning systems
  • Process heat recovery
  • Integration of automated solar shading

consumi elettrici

Electricity consumption

  • Automation of lighting systems
  • Frequency variators on processes
  • High-efficiency electric motors
  • Load management and protection

consumi idrici

Water consumption

  • Rainwater recovery
  • Differentiated management of drinking and non-drinking water
  • Recovery and management of process wastewater

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