Maintenance activity is regarded as fundamental by Righi Energy.

For renewable energy plants, maintenance allows them to achieve maximum performance, reducing the payback time of their customers’ investments.

For technological and process plants, maintenance helps to ensure continuity in operation. Righi Energy offers intelligent maintenance service through Righi Smart Service.

Maintenance 4.0 with Righi Smart Service

Maintenance today is no longer a choice but a legal obligation regulated by Italian legislative decree no. 81/2008. Our goal with Smart Service is to transform plant maintenance from a cumbersome obligation to be fulfilled to a simple and smart activity, ensuring a positive impact on your business.

Smart Service is the integrated service for the organisation, supervision, maintenance and emergency response of industrial sites.

What are the areas of intervention?

The Righi Smart Service Software platform can be adapted to various areas of intervention belonging to different sectors and sizes:

Electrical installations

cabine media tensione

Medium voltage cabins


Security installations

cyber security

ICT SW Cyber Security

Impianti elettrici





Photovoltaic systems



Platform operation and features

The Righi Smart Service is fully digitised and accessible via computer and/or smartphone thanks to the dedicated app and the use of the QR Code system.

Together with the software platform you will always be accompanied by our technicians.

A team of experts with an in-depth multidisciplinary background in industry, together with our efficient organisation, will provide you with prompt and timely answers even in the most critical situations.

Smart Service has state-of-the-art features such as:

  • Digitised Service System
  • Cloud Archive for your documents
  • Remote monitoring of plant status
  • Standard Maintenance Procedures

What are the benefits of Righi Smart Service?

Possibility of total customisation of the service, Righi Smart Service can be tailor-made to the customer’s needs.
Integration of data collected through monitoring, which is essential to evaluate plant trends, yields and working hours.

Data and documentation will be easily retrievable thanks to the Cloud Archive.

Faults will have their hours counted, plant downtimes can be managed much faster, and losses of efficiency avoided.

The deadlines will all be under control in order to avoid unpleasant administrative penalties.

There will be a reduction in intervention times, diagnosis times will be greatly reduced and maintenance will be just a click away.

Thanks to predictive and scheduled maintenance, we will ensure the long-term efficiency of your installations.

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